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Application for Carnival of Rust

Name - Dragon
AIM Name – dragondancer5150@yahoo.com (yes, the whole thing is the AIM ID...9,9 – PM me on LJ, though first to see if I'm around, I'm not available on AIM very often at all unless I'm expecting someone)
E-Mail – See above

Name - Harlequin
Fandom - Pinocchio: The Adventures of a Marionette (the original book by Carlo Collodi, NOT the Disney bastardized sanitized version; well-translated copy available here; see chp’s 10 & 11 for Harlequin et al.)
Canon Point – Sometime after Pinocchio continued on from his brief visit to the Great Puppet Theater
Age - Physically only maybe two years old but, mentally/emotionally, the equivalent of a (naïve and sheltered) teenager
Gender – Technically non-gender, effectively male

The rest of the appCollapse )

((ooc: backdated cuz mun forgot she hadn't done this yet augh to the same time as everyone else was first discovering the destruction))

[The journal's been on for a bit, actually, by the time there's any sound.  Whatever body is picking though the rubble is moving very quietly . . . or maybe is just that small that it's not making much noise.  A few seconds later, Harlequin's voice can be heard, soft with dread.]

Oh, please . . . oh, please, no . . .

[There's a soft choke as he apparently has his fears confirmed.]

N-no . . . no . . . all my books, the picture Mr. Sai gave me, all my . . . my furniture . . . everything!  All my gifts . . . r-ruined.  Even the instruments I bought to play for Miss Jean . . .

[a bit more rummaging]

 . . . the pocket watch Mr. Connor gave me.  M-maybe . . . maybe I I can fix it . . .

Oh!  My journal . . . and you're already on.  Have you been recording this whole time?

[Filtered to the Convoy]

Um . . . t-this is Harlequin checking in.  I'm one of the cabin boys for the ship.  As everyone's heard by now, I'm sure, we've had . . . ah, a-an incident.  I don't know if there's much I can do to help, but please let me know if there is! 

Mr. Pip, if you think it'd help, I found my spelunking pack and it's largely undamaged - I just need a new flashlight - so I can check around the crawlspaces and ventilation shafts to see what internal damage there might be that way . . . if you think it'd help . . .

[Voice / Filtered to Ichigo / Easy hack]

Hey, Bi- . . . Ichigo!  Rikku gave some of us your new journal frequency.  I . . . I hope that was okay.  Anyway . . . will you be visiting soon?  O-or ever?  Or would it be okay for someone to come visit you?  A lot of us have really missed you.  I know I have!

A-anyway . . . hope to hear from you soon . . . big brother.

Ah . . . h-hello, everyone.  My name is Harlequin.  I’m, ah, a cabin boy for this ship I think, though I . . . I-I apologize that I’ve not been able to begin my duties before now.  I’m afraid I . . . wasn’t well.  But I’ve finally recovered and am ready to join my new crewmates!  Thank you for your patience while I’ve been unable to perform my duties.  I promise I’ll work hard from now on!


I look forward to meeting everyone . . . and seeing old friends!  Daddy- . . . ah, t-that is . . . M-mr. Hughes . . . says there are several onboard that we already know.  I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys again!  Take care, everyone!

((In reaction to this post...))

Oh!  Oh, goodness!  What . . . what was that all about?!

That . . . that poor man!  I-it . . . it sounds like they w-were . . . they were . . .  [voice trails off cuz he can't make himself say it]

[Voice | Public - yes, on purpose...]

((OOC: timestamp is the day after Long Night . . . probably, like, late morning or so...))

[sounding very VERY worried and . . . keeping his voice calm, or trying to]

Hey, does anyone know where Broth-! . . . I-I mean . . . Ichigo . . . went?  I can't find him anywhere, and now I've found that his plane is gone.
[backdated to sometime very shortly after his return to the ship and a bit before Long Night . . . this part is supposed to be private - he's not aware it's set to the Way's filter - he's murmuring softly to himself, sounds upset and frightened]

G-gods of the firmament!  I-I didn't know . . . didn't know it was possible . . . to be s-so . . .   I-It was like being back with Master again!  O-only . . . only worse!  I've never been so alone and frightened!  At least before, my siblings were there . . . and I'd never known differently.  N-now I do.  Do I have any more though?  I mean, really?  This crew is like a family, and I love everyone like one . . . but is it really my family?  Or rather, am I theirs?  Do I qualify?  I'm . . . I'm not part of the crew.  I'm . . . not sure what I am.  A passenger?  Like a guest in one's house.  Present, welcome, but not actually a part of the family.  Did they know I was gone?  Did they get my posts?  Were they looking for me along with the others?  Mr. Ness and Miss Sophie and everyone?

I want to be a part of this family.  I . . . I need to be.

[there's a soft sound as he reaches to change the setting of his filters . . . only they're . . . already set correctly? he's a bit too out of it to even realize what that means and just starts speaking again]  Huh, that's strange . . .

Captain, sir?  W-would you have a moment at some point soon?  O-or . . . w-well, I'm sure you too busy and important to deal with such an insignificant thing.  I'd probably need to talk to someone else.   Who, ah . . . w-who would I talk to about getting an actual position on the ship?  A-as a member of the crew, I mean?  Or . . . or is that even . . . possible for me?  I-I may be too small......

Also . . . can someone tell me about Long Night?  I-it seems like something I should be preparing for, though I don't know how.  People seem to be getting nervous, but no one's really said why?

This will be my first Long Night away from my family and home.  We used to hear the partying going on in the streets around the theater, but Master used to lock all of us up in a trunk from sundown to sunrise.  Pantalone and Scaramouche used to think it was because Master was afraid we'd turn on him.  Heh, right, like any of us would dare!

I-I'd rather no- . . . w-well, I mean, I . . . will . . . i-if any of you think I should b-but . . . I-I don't want to get stuck in a trunk again.  Ever!  P-please . . .

((OOC: By the way . . . I'm sure there are proper OOC channels for changing positions in a ship.  If Quin becomes an actual crewmember, cool.  If not, cool too.  I'm just playing him behaving and reacting to the things that have happened.  He wants to become a member of the crew - I'm cool either way.  *sheeps - thought she should clarify*))

Voice | Filtered to Jean

[sounds . . . kind of nervous and uncertain, but not in a bad way (if that makes any sense)]

Miss Jean?  Ah. . . s-sometime when you've got a few minutes, could we get together?  I . . . have something I'd like to get your opinion on.  Whenever's fine.

((OOC: This is forward-dated to sometime after everyone's been returned to the ship - I've been assured Quin will be let out of Scary Guy's/Tin Man's trunk LOL and given over to one of his crewmates to be returned to the ship with everyone else.  XD;;;  Anyway, back in Tulgim before the cave-ins, Quin and Connor went out shopping, and Quin found a drum and a pan flute.  He's been practicing in secret.  He'd . . . really like for her to be able to dance again, and he'd like to see her as well.  Consider it a VERY belated Lunasa gift.  XDDD))

((OOC: This is close to a week after the last post. Also, this is directly plot-related . . . and the accompanying log will be going up soon.))

[speaking in a rushed whisper, even more so than last time . . . plus there’s a faintly muffled/echo-y quality, like he’s inside a wooden container]

Poor little puppet, NOT cut out for espionage...Collapse )

((OOC: By the way, Riku [[info]temperedsilver ] will recognize the man's voice . . . >D))

[Quin's voice is hurried and hushed like he's afraid of being overheard or getting caught]

Hello?! Hello?! Daddy, Ichigo, Captain, anyone? This is Harlequin. I'm . . . I'm not on the Way right now. I'm actually on some kind of flying castle ship. They, ah . . . d-don't know I'm here. Y-yet. Um . . . I'm sure you've all found out by now that some of our crew members have been kidnapped. I don't know yet who all or how many, or where they're being kept. B-but I'll keep looking! Promise!

I don't know where we are yet, but I'm trying to determine that too. A few hours ago, I made it to an outside window and we're in . . . mountains. I don't know which ones. We might still be in the Badlands. O-or not. It's not cold enough for snow, so I know we're not in the north like we were in Tulgim. We didn't travel nearly long enough anyway. We are stopped, though . . . a-at least for now.

I've been trying to find the radio room. Ichigo! I might actually manage to put to use some of the stuff you've been teaching me! If I can, I'll send you the coordinates where we are. O-or even . . . hey, is it possible to trace difference engines?! Obviously, this one isn't mine. I've . . . um . . . b-borrowed someone's. It's too heavy for me to pull up into the ventilation system with me, but I'll stay with it at least until the owner comes back. Hopefully, someone will hear this and respond before that. I-I'd really like some advice on what to do here. I-is there anything I should be doing differently?!

W-well . . . I'll post this so you guys can get it. I really hope this finds everyone well!

This is Harlequin of the Winding Way, signing off.

((OOC: Um........one request, guys? D-don't tell Quin that his "daddy" is dead. Not yet. He's going to be devastated enough as it is when he finds out. He might not be able to do what he needs to do here if he knows. =D;;; ))


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